Giving Victims A Voice
And Getting Results

Bringing justice to individuals and families impacted by nursing home negligence and malpractice throughout Maryland.

Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes are responsible for providing proper care to all individuals who reside at their facility. You trust your loved one is being attended to with respect and compassion. Unfortunately, incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect occur.

The attorney at The Law Offices of Gregory L. Lockwood, LLC, will help you take action when your loved one has been wronged by a trusted Maryland caretaker. We will help you seek justice and compensation.

Identifying Signs Of Abuse And Neglect

Nursing home neglect can be difficult to detect. Advanced old age and other illnesses often mask warning signs. With vigilance, you should be on the lookout for certain signs of neglect. Things to watch out for include:

  • Untreated cuts, wounds or bedsores
  • Unexplained welts, wounds or bruising
  • Bruising consistent with restraint
  • Sudden, excessive weight loss
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Poor facility hygiene
  • Torn clothing and missing or broken personal items
  • Unaccounted for whereabouts and time
  • Sudden, undocumented change in medication
  • Change in emotional state and character

Many of these items may be associated with your loved ones’ aging or illness, but if you suspect proper care is not being provided, you should contact our office right away.

Holding The Proper Parties Accountable

We know that time, distance and other factors can keep you from checking in on your loved one as often as you would like. If neglect occurs, it is not your fault. Your loved one deserves to have their voice heard and to be treated with respect. Call our Towson-based office at 443-242-4995 to speak with our lawyer about your loved one today.