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Ask these 2 questions before choosing a nursing home

| Feb 26, 2021 | Nursing Home Negligence

Moving an aging parent into a nursing home involves making some difficult decisions, and one of those decisions involves choosing where your parent should live. Not all nursing homes uphold the same standards of care, and when the quality of care suffers, your parent may, too. You may be able to help your family make a more informed decision about where your parent should live by asking each prospective nursing home two important questions. 

What questions should you ask each nursing home you consider? 

Question 1 – How much staff turnover is there?

You want your parent to be able to form bonds and establish relationships with his or her caregivers. Yet, if those caregivers are always changing, this may prove difficult. If a nursing home has high staff turnover, this could be indicative of any number of other issues. Employees may not receive adequate pay or treatment, for example, which may in turn impact how they treat residents. 

Question 2 – How many staff members are onsite per resident?

Asking about a nursing home’s staff-to-resident ratio may also tell you a lot about a prospective home. Many nursing homes lack adequate staff, and this leads to a wide range of problems that impact residents. They may not get mobility help when they need it, for example, which may cause falls and bedsores, among other issues. 

While asking nursing home staff these questions is important, you may also want to speak with residents of each home you consider about their experiences living there.