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How to pick a nursing home for your loved one

| Nov 14, 2019 | Nursing Home Negligence

Deciding to put your loved one in a nursing home is hard enough, but the process of choosing the right place is even more difficult. There is no shortage of options, but you know some are better than others. What Maryland nursing home will provide the best care and make a comfortable home for your loved one?

The National Institute on Aging recommends starting your search by making a list of the things you would like in a nursing home. Think about your loved one’s needs. Does he or she require special care for dementia or another health condition? Also, think about extracurricular activities and things he or she likes to do to find places with appropriate activities, such as religious services, card games and shopping outings. Once you know what you want in a nursing home, you can begin actively looking.

Finding nursing homes

Looking around your area or the area where your loved one wants to live, you can make a list of places that pique your interest. Also, ask for recommendations from family and friends. Once you have a list, start making calls to each location.

You can ask questions about the facility and find out if it has an open space for your loved one. Do not forget to ask about operations, such as the staff turnover rate. Get information about waitlists and the types of insurance they accept. Also, make an appointment to stop in for a visit.

Visiting and making a choice

The first visit you make will be a general walkthrough. You can note things that you do and do not like. If you find yourself drawn to two or three places during the tours, then go ahead and make a second surprise visit. This should help you to get a real feel for how things work at the nursing home and enable you to make your final decision.

Take your time to choose a nursing home. After all, this will be where your loved one lives and the staff you entrust with his or her care, so it is an important decision.